Clutter and Chaos

Have you ever looked at that pile of papers on the desk, clutter on your counter — or what little you can actually see of the counter — and just feel overwhelmed? A feeling that you want it neat but don’t know where to begin?

You’re seeing clutter and chaos when what you really want is organization and serenity.


The power to increase your feeling of serenity and happiness is within you.

First, choose one area, that’s bothering you. There’s no right answer to which one you should start with, because eventually you will organize them all. So make a choice and don’t worry about the rest for now.

Secondly, visualize your results.  Look at images on the internet for inspiration, print out your favorites. Sketch what you want your end result to look like.  Do you need shelves or baskets? Understand that you’ll have to invest some time for shopping, sorting and reflection for this process.  So don’t rush it.

When you have all the pieces in place and your goal in mind.  Set out on your task until completion or as close as you can get. Keep the end feeling you’re looking for in the back of your mind.  The feeling of accomplishment, organization and serenity.  The feeling of a job well done and one less thing to stress about in the future.   That should keep you motivated.  Turn on some of your favorite music and enjoy the time spent.

Although it may be tough to throw away or give away unused, obsolete or unwanted items, do it.

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Remember the feeling

Once you’re finished, step back and take a look at what a marvelous job you did!  Be sure to take before and after pictures too.  The first space was the hardest, and probably the one that was bothering you the most.

Now with one space tackled and organized, the rest won’t be so scary.


To your happiness!


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