Talk to Your Teen

talk to your teen

A quote I heard today, unknown author:

“As a parent, you can only give your children two things…roots and wings. The roots to be a good person and the wings to fly.”

At some point as a parent, we start to realize time with our children in the home with us is growing short. That realization can instill an overwhelming sense of loss. So many fears. Will they be okay without our ever watchful and caring eye? We fear the unknown of the future, our sense of not being needed anymore, our loss of purpose.

talk to your teen

Those teenage years are years of both teens and parents preparing for that break. They can be difficult and filled with stress. They can also consist of great moments of pride,success, love and joy.

The one thing to try to be sure of is open communication between parent and teen, during this time. At this point, it may be more coming from you but let your teen know, that these few short years are just that, temporary.

Let them know that your desire is to come out the other side of the teenage years, with a strong and loving adult relationship with them.

That to break away and learn to fly on their own, they don’t need to completely break the relationship with you, by betrayal, lies or anger.

That the roots that you provide will always be there for them.

Take the Lead

A relationship is a two way street.  Being the only adult in a relationship means taking the lead in establishing expectations and long term goals for that relationship.

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There may be moments when it seems like your teenager is not listening or engaging back. But remember every time you show or verbalize your love, those roots are getting deeper and you’re enhancing the confidence your teen will have to fly!

Talking to your teen now about your fears and hopes and listening to their fears and hopes, may greatly increase your happiness power now and in the future.

To your happiness!

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