Category: Positive Thinking

No Big Dreams

Words of wisdom heard over and over…follow your dreams. So…what if you don’t have big dreams? You may be thinking you’re different from everyone else, that there is something “wrong” with you.  You may be thinking that you’re weak or a failure because you’re not aiming high enough in life.  Riches, fame and power are […]

Saying “Yes” to Life!

I saw an article called How to Be a Millionaire in Flip-Flops about Sue Cooper who a few years ago started saying “Yes” to life. By doing that she turned her life around, started a successful business, and is now living her dream. The article got me to thinking about how many things we don’t […]

Breaking A 26-Year Losing Streak

We’ve all had times where it seems nothing goes right.  And sometimes those “losing streaks” may go for a few days, a few weeks or even a few months.  Usually, though, things turn around and we’re able to move on. Can you imagine having a 26-year losing streak? Can you imagine how it must feel […]

Have Patience

I learned another lesson myself last Friday. The day before I started feeling very frustrated that my business wasn’t growing as quickly as I wanted it to.  I knew I had been working hard to improve things, but it wasn’t moving quickly enough.  I found myself getting frustrated, depressed even. Then Friday morning, I looked […]

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