Have Patience


I learned another lesson myself last Friday.

The day before I started feeling very frustrated that my business wasn’t growing as quickly as I wanted it to.  I knew I had been working hard to improve things, but it wasn’t moving quickly enough.  I found myself getting frustrated, depressed even.

Then Friday morning, I looked at what I had actually accomplished over the last 35 days, and realized that things had been growing.  Just not as quickly as I originally hoped, but they had been progressing.  I realized that I had actually gotten a lot accomplished.  I had moved things forward from where I started.

Once I took stock of where things really were, I started feeling better about what I had been doing.  I felt better about my situation; less frustrated, and certainly not depressed.

So if you find yourself in a similar situation, take a look at what has actually been happening.  Have some patience with yourself.  As I’ve said before, refocus in the way you look at things.  You’ll most likely realize that things aren’t so bad after all.  That new perspective can give you a fresh start.

To your happiness!

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