Tag: Personal Development

Saying “Yes” to Life!

I saw an article called How to Be a Millionaire in Flip-Flops about Sue Cooper who a few years ago started saying “Yes” to life. By doing that she turned her life around, started a successful business, and is now living her dream. The article got me to thinking about how many things we don’t […]

Happy Planning

Here we are at the end of another year. How did those New Year’s resolutions you made last January 1st work out? Oh, yeah . . . THOSE resolutions!  Were those the ones you forgot on January 7th, or maybe even on January 2nd? In the past, I’ve tried making New Year’s resolutions, but they […]

Have Patience

I learned another lesson myself last Friday. The day before I started feeling very frustrated that my business wasn’t growing as quickly as I wanted it to.  I knew I had been working hard to improve things, but it wasn’t moving quickly enough.  I found myself getting frustrated, depressed even. Then Friday morning, I looked […]

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