Connect the Dots

Have you ever been watching a mystery movie when you realize you’ve connected the dots of the story? You solved the mystery before the show actually revealed it. Didn’t it feel good?

Now, have you ever stepped back from where you are today, and figured out the important events that brought you to now?

Connected the dots of your own life story.

Comprised of events that may have seemed completely unimportant at the time or events that seemed to be a big hurdle you thought you’d never overcome.

Did you land on your feet and exceed your wildest dreams?  Have you ever stopped for a second and wondered about the mystery of how you got to where you are in life?


Just take a moment to step back in time, start connecting the dots of those moments that led you to where you are. If you’re feeling you want to improve your happiness in some way, maybe right this very moment will be one of those dots. This moment, when you recognize something has to change. A dot you can connect to down the road that may lead you to fulfilling your dreams.

If you’re feeling grateful and happy already, take this moment to stop and recognize the amazing journey you’ve been on. See if you can connect the dots that led you to your dreams.

EVERY moment could be a dot that leads you to even more happiness. You may not see it now but only be able to recognize it later when all the dots have been connected!  Cool huh?

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To your happiness!




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