Is Coloring Only for Kids?

coloring isn't just for kids

Let’s just say you’re feeling stressed.  Okay, who isn’t feeling stressed? Lowering your overall feeling of happiness. Now, the question becomes what tools do you have in your tool chest to relieve some of that stress? How do you give your brain a break from endlessly rehashing all the tasks on your to do list and the dots on your calendar?

We’re adults, we shouldn’t be taking an hour or two to pull out a coloring book and color…that’s only for kids.

Or is it?


coloring isn't just for kids

Coloring has come a long way. It’s not just for kids anymore.

Visit your local department store or hobby shop and pick up an adult coloring book.  They come in a variety of designs and topics.

Choose colored pencils or fine tip markers and start bringing out your creative side.

Letting your to-do list go

Why is coloring such a great stress reliever?

Try to give your attention to your art project. No one else may ever see your creation, but guess what? This is your time and your creation.  Focus on what the next space you want to color is or what your next choice of color will be.

Maybe think about the artist who drew the outline of the picture you are coloring and how detailed, creative and patient that person must be.  When you are deciding how deep your shadowing should be or just thinking about your art, you’re NOT stressing.

You’re focused on creation

For those precious moments, your thoughts are in a different direction.  A creative direction, thoughts about the day-to-day grind may be gone. Even if you are having trouble letting go of those thoughts while you’re coloring, maybe being quiet for a while, will let the creative problem solving juices flow.

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You may be inspired.

Step out of your comfort zone. Even if you think coloring is childish, think about giving it a try anyway. You owe it to yourself to find some quiet time or relaxing activity. It’s okay, it really is.

To your happiness!


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