No Big Dreams

Words of wisdom heard over and over…follow your dreams.

So…what if you don’t have big dreams? You may be thinking you’re different from everyone else, that there is something “wrong” with you.  You may be thinking that you’re weak or a failure because you’re not aiming high enough in life.  Riches, fame and power are not on your long term goal list.

The bigger the better?

For some people, fame, power and wealth, big dreams, are not what they dream of and guess what?  That’s perfectly okay!  For you,  the “dreams” in the old adage, “follow your dreams” may be more simple and attainable than great wealth, power and fame.

For some, they dream of a family, some dream of finding a friend or soulmate, some dream of discovering or developing a natural talent.  Some dream dreams of non material things.  Dreams of spending more time with the one or ones they love.  Dreams of good health and dreams of more happiness and peace in their lives.

If these are the kinds of dreams that you dream, and not the dreams of being the next big thing, having six figures in the bank or ruling the world, it’s okay, you’re not alone.  You’re not a failure, you’re aiming where your heart is taking you, which may not be in a corner penthouse office, but around the kitchen table within the loving warmth of family and friends.

When you hear someone say “follow your dreams” and you may not think you have any big dreams to follow — think again.  The things you want out of life ARE your dreams, simple as they may be.

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To your happiness!


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