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Is Coloring Only for Kids?

Let’s just say you’re feeling stressed.  Okay, who isn’t feeling stressed? Lowering your overall feeling of happiness. Now, the question becomes what tools do you have in your tool chest to relieve some of that stress? How do you give your brain a break from endlessly rehashing all the tasks on your to do list […]

Happy Planning

Here we are at the end of another year. How did those New Year’s resolutions you made last January 1st work out? Oh, yeah . . . THOSE resolutions!  Were those the ones you forgot on January 7th, or maybe even on January 2nd? In the past, I’ve tried making New Year’s resolutions, but they […]

Keep Track Of Your Success

When you’ve got lots of things you’re trying to accomplish it’s easy to forget the things that you actually get done. There are lots of days where I feel like I haven’t gotten anything done, and my wife will kindly list the things that I accomplished.  It makes me realize that I really did get […]

Take Action Now!

My wife is an amazing person and not a moment goes by that I’m not thankful to have her in my life. One of the things that I admire about her (and believe me, there are countless things about her that I admire) is the way she takes action when she’s made a decision to […]

Can’t Stick To A Goal?

I mentioned the other day that setting goals is better than making resolutions.  But sticking to a goal is difficult. Tony Robbins says you need to get leverage on yourself — you need to have a powerful reason to reach your goal.  Sometimes you can get that by telling someone else about your goal.  Other […]

Don’t Make Resolutions

Wow!  Where has 2008 gone?  It’s hard for me to believe that we’re in the last few days of the year. This is the time of year when everyone starts talking about making New Year’s resolutions.  I’m going to suggest that you don’t make any resolutions this year. Really, how many times have you kept […]

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