Keep Track Of Your Success

When you’ve got lots of things you’re trying to accomplish it’s easy to forget the things that you actually get done.

There are lots of days where I feel like I haven’t gotten anything done, and my wife will kindly list the things that I accomplished.  It makes me realize that I really did get something done.

Track Your Accomplishments
Track Your Accomplishments

If you find yourself feeling like nothing’s getting done, sit down at the end of the day and review the things you’ve accomplished.

Don’t include just the tasks you may have crossed off your to-do list.  Also list the insights you had, the improvements you made in your life, progress you made in your goals, things that have added to your personal development and so on.

Most days you’ll find that you got way more done than you first thought.

And if you find you have a day where you truly didn’t accomplish a thing — that’s okay, too.  We all need those kinds of days once in a while where we just completely let go.

To your happiness!

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