Why Hate a Winner?

why hate a winner

What’s up with hating winners?

why hate a winner

As in football and every sport, there will be winners, the best of the moment.  That’s the nature of competition.  Even existing with individual athletes who often times compete against themselves, trying to better their best time, their best score or best game.

If one of the keys to happiness is to let go of hate, then why cling on to hatred of that certain team or an individual athlete that happens to be on a winning streak?

First, chances are the tides will eventually turn and nothing is permanent, so time, most likely, will change who is winning. Secondly, maybe, just maybe, the winner or winners in question deserve it. Maybe they trained harder, had more natural talent, wanted it more, fought for it more, had better teamwork, had more drive, something, anything, that gave them the edge in that game and perhaps year after year.

What if it was your team on a hot streak?

Cheering for your own team is great. It’s fun, it brings people together behind a common cause, but come on, let go of the deep-seated hatred of winners.  Why the hate? The hate then spreads on social media as others think it might be cool to hate “fill in the blank”. Let it go…it’s not adding anything to YOUR happiness and someday YOUR team or favorite player may be the champion!  Keep your thinking positive.

To your happiness!



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