Take Action Now!


My wife is an amazing person and not a moment goes by that I’m not thankful to have her in my life.

One of the things that I admire about her (and believe me, there are countless things about her that I admire) is the way she takes action when she’s made a decision to do something.

I’ve been a world-class procrastinator for years — it’s one of those bad habits I continue to struggle with.  My wife, on the other hand, isn’t someone who procrastinates.  When she decides to do something, she’ll usually start immediately to get it done.  Often, if it’s a small-to-medium-sized project, she’ll have it completed the same day she’s decided to take on the project.  With a big project, she’ll still start working on it that day, and before you know it, things are complete.

My history of taking action is quite a bit more spotty than hers.  Many times, I’ll decide to do something, but rather than taking action immediately, I’ll mull things over — sometimes for days.

actionThis blog, though, is a notable exception to the way I usually do things.  The idea for this blog hit me one morning in the shower, and within a few hours, I had secured the domain name, gotten the site hosted, loaded the blogging software and made my first post.  It felt good to accomplish something so quickly.

Tony Robbins says that when you set a goal, you should immediately get up and do something toward that goal.  Even if it’s only a small step, take it.  Don’t put it off, but get started right away.  My wife obviously believes in, and more importantly, practices this philosophy as well.

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When I’ve taken action quickly, like with this blog, I’ve always enjoyed the feeling.  The sense of accomplishment feels great.  So why don’t I do that more often?  I’m not sure I can really answer that question.  I don’t know if it’s laziness, fear of failure, fear of success, or just that I’m so used to procrastinating.

This blog is about happiness, and making our lives better.  It’s also about achievement and success, and getting things done.  That being said, it’s time that I made the commitment to take action quickly and stop procrastinating.  By making this commitment in public, I’m using leverage on myself to get things done.  Feel free to check in with me to keep my on my toes.

To your happiness!

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