Avoid The Urgency

How many times have you found yourself trying to get something accomplished at the last minute and feeling completely stressed?

avoid the urgencyI’ve had that experience a couple of times this week alone.  We’ve sold our house and we’re moving to a new one a week from today.  That means trying to get some things fixed around here before the new owners move in.

With some of these things I should have taken care of them before now.  It certainly would have lowered the stress level here in the last couple of weeks before we move.

We’ve all got tasks like that — things that we know we should get done, but we just never get around to. Here’s a suggestion for how to handle those things:

Make a list of those things that you just never seem to get around to.  Then schedule just one of those things each week.  Maybe do them on a Saturday.  Before you know it, you’ll have all those little tasks wrapped up.  It’s all about preventing things from piling up and adding stress to your life.

To your happiness!


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