Would You Erase Bad Memories?

Would you delete bad memories?

I just noticed this article from earlier this month “A drug to cope with bad memories” about a blood pressure drug that may help erase bad memories.

Would You Delete Memories?If you could erase bad memories, would you?

We all have things that we don’t like to remember.  Maybe it’s a parent leaving, or a bad breakup, or a job we hated.  As we go through life we’re bound to have things that we don’t like to remember.

However, to take a drug that would erase a bad memory is a very big step.

For me, I know that I wouldn’t want to erase bad memories.  Believe me, like most people, I have my share of bad memories, but aren’t those memories part of who we are?  Erasing those memories would seem to me to be erasing part of myself.

What do you think?  Would you erase your bad memories if you could?  Please leave a comment below.

To your happiness!

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