Can’t Stick To A Goal?

I mentioned the other day that setting goals is better than making resolutions.  But sticking to a goal is difficult.

Tony Robbins says you need to get leverage on yourself — you need to have a powerful reason to reach your goal.  Sometimes you can get that by telling someone else about your goal.  Other times you need a stronger reason.

For example, let’s say you’re overweight and that it’s impacting your health.  Maybe the leverage at that point is that you have to make yourself realize that if you don’t lose weight you’ll develop a chronic disease like diabetes, or you might have a heart attack.  The threat of getting sick or losing your life gives you leverage to help you stick to your goal.

Here’s an interesting site which may help you get some leverage on yourself:


From their FAQ:

What is stickK?

Ever wonder why sometimes it´s so difficult to reach some of your goals?Youtry and try but still you just can´t reach the finish line?That´s why we came up with a solution that helps motivate people to achieve their goals.stickK helps you achieve your personal goals through “Commitment Contracts.”

After signing up with stickK, you will be able to create a contract obliging you to achieve a specific goal within a particular time-frame. By creating a contract to meet one of your goals, you´re actually testing yourself and saying, “Hey, I can do this”. Not only are you challenging yourself, you´re also putting your reputation at stake.

Read on, there´s more . . .

At stickK we love a challenge, so we decided to make things a little more interesting.

We thought . . .

“Wouldn´t it be great to put money on the line to make sure the contract was met?”

Well that´s exactly what you can do with stickK. Now, you can make a financial contract to give yourself an added incentive to reach your goals.

If you succeed, you don´t pay anything (and you´re much happier than before, aren´t you?)

Just in case you didn´t make it, you have the option of forfeiting your money to a person of your choice, a charity, an anti-charity or even that neighbor who keeps stealing your newspaper (I guess you really should have met your goal).

And guess what, stickK is absolutely FREE!

So, if you’re having problems sticking to a goal you might want to see if stickK can help.

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To your happiness!

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