Replace Your Negative Thinking

I read the other day that on average we have 60,000 thoughts a day, most of which are negative.  I’m not sure how that figure of 60,000 was reached, but even if we say we have only a quarter of that number it’s still 15,000 thoughts a day, which is still a lot.

And if the majority of the thoughts we have are negative, it’s a lot of bad programming in our heads each and every day.

I’ve written before about being careful of the self talk you do on a daily basis.  The negative thinking is often natural and just comes up without us even realizing it.

When you find yourself with a negative thought, try to turn it around and put it in a positive light.  When you find yourself thinking, “I can’t” change that to say, “I can” instead.

As you continue to replace your negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll find it much easier to stay positive.

To your happiness!

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