Pay Attention To The Signs

Since the beginning of this year, I’ve been trying to push my life in a certain direction.  The details of that aren’t important.  But I’ve expended a lot of energy trying to make something happen that just isn’t happening.

Along the way, I’ve gotten some signs that the direction I was trying to go wasn’t the direction I should be going.  But I wasn’t really paying attention to those signs.  Oh, I noticed the signs, I just didn’t pay attention to what they were trying to tell me.  Instead, I just kept pushing on trying to make something happen that clearly wasn’t meant to happen.

Well, today, I got another significant sign that I needed to change direction.  Finally, I’ve paid attention to this sign and all the others that have popped up in front of me the past three months.

Sometimes when things aren’t going the way we want them to, it becomes a matter of perseverance and persistence.  We need to keep pushing on, knowing that what we’re trying to accomplish is the right thing to do.  We keep going because we know that the accomplishment is worth the effort.

But then there are those times where the effort we expend isn’t really helping us accomplish what we need to accomplish.  I’ve realized that this is the case with the direction I was trying to go.  There comes a time when you realize you’re just swimming against the tide.  You come to the conclusion that what you thought you wanted isn’t really worth getting.

So, pay attention to the signs you get along the way.  If those signs are telling you that if you keep striving you’ll accomplish your goal, then by all means keep working at it.  But if those signs are telling you that you need to be going in a different direction, then make that change.  Even if you’ve already put a lot of work into it, it’s okay to walk away and start over.  You’ll be much happier in the long run.

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To your happiness!

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