Ask For What You Want

According to the Law of Attraction, one of the things that’s vital for getting what you want in life is to ask the Universe for what you want.

However, today, I want to bring this concept down to a less universal level.  We need to be able to ask those around us for what we want.  That doesn’t mean we’ll necessarily get want we want when we ask for it, but we need to ask nonetheless.

What often happens is that we’ll want something from someone in our lives.  Maybe it’s for our significant other to show us love, or maybe it’s a promotion at work.  It could be wanting our children to clean their room, or we may want to be treated more kindly by someone.

We begin to get frustrated and unhappy if we don’t get what we think we need.  Many times, though, we are expecting that other person to know what we want without us making it clear to them.  Sometimes, we even expect them to read our minds!

Ask First

Let’s say your working hard at your job, hoping that your boss will notice and reward you with a promotion.  You come in early in the mornings, you stay late, maybe take work home on the weekend.  All with the goal that the boss will recognize these actions and promote you. If you’ve never informed your boss that you’re doing all this in hopes of getting a promotion, you’re expecting the boss to read your mind.

Rather than doing that, it’s better to ask your boss first.  Tell him or her that you want to move up in the company and ask what you can do to make that happen.  Coming in early, staying late, and working on weekends may not be what you need to do at all.  If you’ve never asked, you may be wasting your time.  So ask first.

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The same thing applies in a love relationship.  Maybe you want your significant other to express love in a particular way, for example, you want a long hug and kiss at the end of the day.  Instead you’re getting only a peck on the cheek.  If you’ve never asked for that hug and kiss you can’t be frustrated when you don’t get it.  You need to ask.

Increase Your Happiness Power

Asking for what you want is a vital step in getting what you want.  By asking, you’ll often get what you want (or something even better) and you’ll reduce your frustration and increase your happiness.

One of the ways to build your happiness power is to be clear about what you want and ask for it.

To your happiness!

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