Attitude is a Choice

I first heard the phrase “Attitude determines altitude” more than 20 years ago.  If I’m not mistaken it was on a tape by Zig Zigler.  I’ve tried to remember that every time I felt myself developing a poor attitude.

It’s not always easy though to keep a positive attitude.  Things pop up that challenge your positive mindset.  Sometimes it’s a little thing like a traffic light that turns red when you’re already running late for an important appointment.  Other times it’s something huge, like the death of loved one.

Very few of us can keep a positive attitude 24/7.  The trick is not letting yourself dwell in those times of negative attitude.

Attitude is a Choice
Attitude is a Choice

When you find yourself feeling negative, look for ways to change your attitude so that’s it more positive.

  • Count your blessings
  • Make a list of your achievements
  • Listen to some motivational recordings
  • Repeat some positive affirmations
  • Read a motivational article or book
  • Spend time with a close friend
  • Get some exercise
  • Go for a long walk
  • Sit in a hot tub

There are hundreds of other things that I could add to the list, but you get the idea.  Find a way to move yourself from a negative attitude to a positive one.

Here is an excellent article from Success called “Your Choices Determine Your Happiness” that explains more on how choosing a positive attitude can make a huge difference in your life.

To your happiness!


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