Choose to be Happy

I’m reading Joe Vitale’s book The Attractor Factor for the second time.  If you haven’t read this book, I highly recommend it.

Just this morning I was reading and came across a concept that we should all try to follow every day — be happy now.

That’s a pretty simple statement, but can be pretty tough to accomplish for most of us.  At the same time, that’s absolutely great advice.

But I know what you’re thinking, “it’s easier said than done.”  And you’re absolutely right.  It is much easier to say than to do.  Especially when you’re having one of those difficult days.  Those are the days that some of us will buy something new in an effort to be happy – a new car, new clothes, new music.  Others of us might overindulge in food or drink.  Still others use substances – both legal and illegal – to try and feel better.

We do all sorts of things to try and be happy.  But instead of looking outside yourself for happiness, why not go inside and find the happiness that’s inside you.

If it’s hard to find, try to remember a time when you were happy and remember how it felt.  Try to get back into those feelings.  Let those feelings overwhelm you.  Realize that you can be happy now.

You have a choice.  You can be unhappy or you can be happy.  The power to be happy is in your hands.  Make the choice to be happy.  Make that choice everyday.  Soon it’ll become second nature to you and when you have one of those tough days, it’ll be much easier to find your happiness.

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If you haven’t read The Attractor Factor treat yourself to a copy today.

To your happiness!

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