Drama Is For Actors

Getting caught up in someone else’s drama, or even your own, isn’t going to help you increase your happiness power.  In fact, getting lost in the drama can actually diminish your happiness power.

Usually, drama is a negative situation and as you’ve heard many times before, what you focus on becomes real.

We’ve all witnessed these kinds of things before.  Someone is upset with someone or something and they draw you into it wanting you to get upset as well.  If you get caught up in that you’ll find yourself upset and probably unhappy as well.

The best solution is to avoid these situations completely.  However, if someone you know tries to draw you into their drama, gently explain to them that you don’t want to get in the middle of it.  Tell them if they’re upset with someone else, they should try to work it out with the other person.  Whatever you do, don’t let yourself get drawn into it.

Save the drama for the stage.

To your happiness!

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