How Long Will It Matter?

I read recently that not sweating the small stuff may help prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.  That’s certainly a good reason to calm down and not get stressed over the little inconveniences that seem to pop up almost daily.

As I’ve gotten older, I don’t get as stressed as I used to, but I still let the little things bother me more than I should.  However, I’m not going to stress over this too, because I am improving.

When something bad happens I’ve heard people say, “Is this going to matter a hundred years from now?”  And, of course, the answer is that very little is going to matter a hundred years from now.

Let Your Stress Float Away
Let Your Stress Float Away

Instead of wondering whether it’ll matter a hundred years from now, let’s shorten the time frame.  Will it matter next year?  How about next month?  What about next week?  Is it going to matter tomorrow?  An hour from now?

Often, there are things that won’t even matter ten minutes from now, so it’s not worth stressing over.

So the next time something stresses you out, check in with yourself and ask how long it’s really going to matter.  Ask yourself if it’s really that big a deal.  If you answer that honestly, you’ll find that many times it’s really nothing to stress over in the first place.  You can let the stress float away and go about your day still feeling happy and calm.

To your happiness!


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