Life Isn’t Fair

“It’s not fair!”

If you have kids, I’ll bet you’ve heard this from them more than once.  You may have even said it, or felt that way yourself at times.

And you know what?  Your kids are right.  You’re right.

Rule #1:  Life isn’t fair.

Rule #2:  See Rule #1

When we come into this world we’re not given a guarantee that life will be fair.  Some people get more money, some people get less.  Some people have abusive parents, some people have loving parents.  Some people are healthy throughout their lives, other people have incomprehensible health challenges.

Life Isn't Fair
Life Isn’t Fair

Why is there this disparity?  That’s just the way life is.

Life isn’t fair.

Imagine how boring a world it would be if it really was an even playing field.  No one would try to accomplish anything.  There would be no challenge.

Don’t let yourself get caught in the trap of complaining because things aren’t fair for you.  It’s a waste of time and energy to feel that way.

Instead, ask yourself how you can overcome the challenge you’re facing.  Look for ways out of whatever predicament you might be in.

Comparing your situation to someone else and feeling you’ve been treated unfairly will do nothing but frustrate you further.  You’ll be much happier if you accept that life isn’t always going to seem fair.

To your happiness!

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