Share Some Love Today . . . And Every Day

It’s Valentine’s Day. It’s a day to share your love.

I realize that some people aren’t all that fond of Valentine’s Day, thinking it’s a day that benefits primarily greeting card companies, florists, and jewelers.

Share Your Love
Share Your Love

However, I think it’s a good day to think about love in general.  Love is a very powerful feeling and it comes in all different types.  The love of a parent for a child, and the love of a child for a parent.  The love between husbands and wives or boyfriends and girlfriends.  The love we feel for close friends.

Love Is Funny

Love is a funny thing sometimes.  When we’re not feeling loved or we don’t have someone special in our lives, we may feel slighted and especially unhappy on a day like Valentine’s Day.  That’s happened to me in the past.  Fortunately, I’m married to a wonderful woman who is the love of my life.  We share a love that is so special and wonderful, I’m afraid sometimes that I’m dreaming and someone will wake me.

I know, though, that not everyone is as fortunate to have the kind of love that my wife and I share.  However, I truly believe that if we all spent some time each day thinking about those in our lives whom we love and who love us, we would feel that love more deeply.

Change Your Focus

The more you focus on things, the more real they become to you.  If you focus on negative feelings you’ll have them more often.  If you focus on positive things, those will become dominant.  With that being said, if we think about love each day and we love those around us, we’ll feel more in love with ourselves and those around us.

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So share some love today.  Even if it’s something as simple as smiling at someone.  It may seem like a simple gesture, but you may make someone’s day.  Share your love.  You’ve got plenty to go around.  Love is one of those things that the more you give out, the more it fills you up — there’s a never-ending supply.

To your happiness!

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