Trying Not To Worry

Yesterday was one of those days when my happiness power was tested.

worryI spent part of the day worrying about a situation that could affect my family’s financial future in a negative way.  Notice I said could and not will.  That’s where the worries come from — that little word could.  It’s the uncertainty that makes me worry.  Plus, it’s a situation over which I have no control.  When we feel like we don’t have control, that adds to the worry.

A few hours went by with my stomach in knots as I continued to worry about this potential problem.  Then I remembered what I wrote in December about worrying.  The more I thought about that, the more I realized that since there is nothing I can do about this situation I shouldn’t be worrying.

Keeping your happiness power isn’t always easy.  There’ll be times when it’s easy to stay happy, but other times when you’ll really struggle.  Yesterday was one of those times when I struggled.

The more we work through those struggles, the easier it becomes to stay happy.  It’s not something that happens overnight, but is a matter of conditioning.  We have to practice it on a daily basis.  Like with most things, the more we practice, the better we become.

To your happiness!

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