What a Laugh

Laughing is something that makes you feel good — really good.  Plus laughing is contagious.  Get one person laughing and before you know it everyone around you is laughing.

Laughing is Good for You
Laughing is Good for You

Humor and laughter is one of those things that can help you feel better even when things are going bad.

Have you ever noticed that after a funeral when everyone gathers to share their memories of the deceased there is often laughter?  People remember a time where the deceased said or did something funny.  Pretty soon everyone at the funeral is laughing.  It’s a good thing because it helps to release that tension.  It’s okay to laugh during difficult times.

Plus, laughing can improve your health.  It can reduce stress, lower your blood pressure, help protect your heart, and even give you a workout.

So the next time you’re feeling down or feeling stressed get yourself laughing.  Watch a good comedy.  Find some jokes on the web.  Read some comic strips.  Or just think about something funny that happened to you.  Let yourself go and pretty soon you’ll be holding your sides from laughing.

For more info on how laughter can benefit your health check out Humor, Laughter and Health.

To your happiness!

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