Be Spontaneous


One way to boost your happiness power is to do something totally unplanned and spontaneous.

Yesterday, my wife and I had a late breakfast with one of our kids.  It was something we had planned for a couple of days.  After breakfast we had a couple of hours of free time, so we did something totally unplanned.

We took a drive up to one of our favorite mountain towns.

riverWe only had about an hour there but it was a great break in our day.  We walked around town, stopped into a couple of shops, had a snack, sat by the river that flows through town, and just enjoyed our time together.

It was a wonderfully refreshing way to recharge our spirits.

Give yourself a break from the routine once in a while.  Do something totally unplanned.  Don’t stress over the things on your to-do list — you’ll have time to take care of things later.  Plus the break will give you a boost of energy to tackle what you need to do.

To your happiness!

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