How’s It Going?

When you run into someone and they ask that question, how do you answer it?

Do you say something like, “Oh, I guess I’ll get by.”  Or , “Eh, same old thing.”  Maybe something like, “Well, I’ve been better.”  Or even worse,  are you like the guy I ran into today who gave me a single four-letter word that I’m not about to repeat here?  Let’s hope not.

Here are some better words you can use when someone asks you that question:

  • Excellent
  • Tremendous
  • Fabulous
  • Wonderful
  • Great
  • Incredible
  • Fantastic
  • Remarkable
  • Terrific
  • Awesome
  • Magnificent

When you use any of these words, say them with meaning.  At first, using words like that will surprise others because most people respond negatively to the “How’s it going?” question.  Before you know it, people will start seeing you as a happy, positive person.

Plus, if you start responding that way all the time, you’ll find that you really do feel that way more and more. It also could help the other person feel better too.

Thanks, Dad!

I learned this lesson from my father.  He was someone who always tried to have a positive attitude.  Even when things were bad, he would always say, “This too shall pass.”  He didn’t come up with that saying, of course, but it was an attitude that he practiced.  He knew that no matter how bad things might be, there was a time in the future when they would be better.

My dad had a massive heart attack in 1984.  It was a result of his diabetes, which, while under control, was pretty severe.  He lost about 60% of his heart when he had that heart attack, and it certainly slowed him down.  But he didn’t let it get him down.  Whenever I would ask him how he was doing, he would always say something like, “Great,” or “Excellent.”  Even a week before he died in 1993 he was saying that, even though I knew he wasn’t feeling well and didn’t have much time left.

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To this day, I’m convinced that my father’s positive attitude helped him live another 9 years after his heart attack.  He made them good years, too.  He and my mother traveled around the country, he spent time with his grandchildren, he painted, and he made the most of every day he was given.

So, the next time you run into someone and they ask, “How’s it going?” Give them a hearty, “Magnificent!”  Say it with a huge smile on your face and let yourself feel it inside.

To your happiness!

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