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happiness linked to health

Another study has been released showing the link between happiness and health.

It makes sense, though, doesn’t it?  The happier you are the better you feel and your body responds to that.

My dad sustained massive damage to his heart when he had a heart attack in 1984 — about 60 percent of his heart was damaged.  Even with that, he kept a positive attitude and I’m convinced that his positive outlook gave him another nine years of life.

When you’re ill or uncomfortable it can be tough to maintain a happy, positive outlook, I understand that.  But do whatever you can during those times to feel happy and you’ll find yourself feeling better more quickly.

I know a couple of people who complain constantly about every ache and pain they have.  It becomes a vicious downward spiral of complaining, feeling worse, complaining some more, feeling even more lousy, and so on.

Instead of focusing on what might be wrong, focus on what’s right.  Whether it’s your health, or your financial situation, your work or your love life — look at the good things rather than the bad.  If you find yourself complaining — STOP!  Even if it’s in mid-sentence.  Change it 180 degrees and find something positive to focus on.

Let that spiral upward.  Find something positive, feel happier, notice another positive thing, feel even happier and so on.

The more you do that, the more you make that a habit, the easier it becomes and you’ll find life improving exponentially.

To your happiness!

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