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Piece by Piece

How are your goals coming along? If you made resolutions, this is about the time that you’ve forgotten them or just given up.  If, instead, you set goals, you most likely are trying to figure out how to accomplish all of those worthy goals by the deadline you set. Are your goals starting to seem […]

Goals in 3 Words

Chris Brogan had an interesting post about goal setting to start to the New Year. Chris suggests finding 3 keywords that sum up the goals you have for the year.  To someone else the words you select might not make sense, but to you they make sense and help you easily remember what you’re trying […]

Can’t Stick To A Goal?

I mentioned the other day that setting goals is better than making resolutions.  But sticking to a goal is difficult. Tony Robbins says you need to get leverage on yourself — you need to have a powerful reason to reach your goal.  Sometimes you can get that by telling someone else about your goal.  Other […]

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